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Fringed Prizma Brown

Fringed Prizma Brown

Our dog loves snuggling and cuddling, doesn’t it? In this case we especially recommend the NR Dogs bed with bolster. If your dog likes to sleep curled up, these beds are guaranteed to become a favorite.

The sides are made of quality cold foam that provides proper support for the doggy’s back, while the soft cushion in the bed offers a really cozy experience for the pet. Thanks to the special finish, the sides are easy to clean, they repel dirt and impurities, so wiping with a damp cloth is all that’s necessary.

The cushion is made of soft cotton that is easy to clean in the washing machine. You will find the appropriate size for both small and bigger dogs. The largest size can be recommended up to a dog size of 25kg. 


S: 50×45 cm (for small dogs)
M: 60×53 cm (for medium dogs)
L: 80x63cm (for medium and large dogs)

The structure of the fringed dog beds:

This super dog bed consists of two parts. From a "basket" with a rim, the edge of which consists of premium quality 3 cm thick and 20 cm high cold foam sponge. This rim is covered with an easy-to-clean, hair- and dirt-repellent textile. You just need to wipe it off if it gets dirty. Soft, durable and practical! Of course, the basket also has a bottom.
We put the soft pillow in this basket, which is filled with almost 100% cotton and anti-allergenic, non-clumping filling. We didn't skimp on the filling, so it will be very comfortable!

Cleaning the fringed dog beds:

It is enough to wash the rim with a wet sponge, but if necessary you can wash it together. The pillow can also be washed together at 30 degrees. However, do not put it in the dryer!
You can order all our beds in the following sizes:
This product is "egg" shaped, here you can find the longer and shorter outer side diameters:

S: 50×45 cm 

M: 60×53 cm 

L: 80x63cm

Article No.
1 kg/db